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Dental Health Clinic

One of the most common health problems diagnosed in 70-80% of pets over 3 years of age is some level of dental disease. Premier VetCare provides one of the most extensive dental care programs to ensure your pet gets the care it needs. Many of your pet's dental problems involve the roots and other deeper tissue which are not visible on a regular oral exam, so to do a proper job anesthesia will be needed.  Routine, proper dental care can add 2-4 years to the life of a pet, and is truly a fountain of youth.

Our Dental Health Clinic offers our clients significant savings on their pet's dental needs, but our Premier Pets enjoy even better savings. We are the only clinic in our area to offer this valuable service at such affordable rates.   We take your pet's long term heath seriously, and that is why our Dental Health Clinic is one of the foundations to our Premier Pet Wellness program.

Our Commitment To Your Pet’s Health

The single most common reason severe dental disease effects 70-80% of pets is often the perceived cost prohibitive nature of preventive dental procedures.  Owners then postpone dental cleanings until the disease has progressed into significantly worse heath issues such as abscessed teeth, loss of teeth, or the pet is refusing to eat due to the pain.  Avoiding preventive care leads to more costly dental treatments, and the need for extractions of teeth.  It does not stop in the mouth though, the infections in the mouth can then get into the blood, and that bacteria can now move into major organs like the Heart, Liver, or Kidneys causing significant other effects on the pet's health.

Here at Premier VetCare, we have made a commitment to reduce the cost of dental care as significantly as possible.  We do this to help owners provide more timely dental prophylaxis in order to reduce the severity of dental disease in the pets we care for.  The design of our treatment area centered around this idea, which has three fully equipped dental tables to accommodate our clients needs.  All of our doctors and our staff are trained and experienced in a multitude of dental procedures and dental prophylaxis. 

Prophylactic dental cleaning is possible for stage 1 and 2 periodontal disease.  Stage 1 is considered the only truly reversible stage, as there is no significant damage yet to the periodontal ligament and the underlying bone.  So once cleaned the gum health will return, but its important to maintain home care as it will come back if the teeth are not kept clean. 

At Stage 2 we can work to slow further progression of periodontal disease, but damage to the underlying periodontal ligament and the bone has occurred.  We can not reverse the damage to the bone or periodontal ligament.  So after they are cleaned it vital you brush your pets teeth daily to help prevent the accumulation of plague and tartar that will eventually return. After the cleaning, diligent home care can delay the eventually need to extract the effected teeth. With out homecare the disease will come back as soon as just 3-4 weeks, and with in a few months it may appear that no dental care was even performed. 

Yearly Prophylactic dental cleaning is an invaluable tool in maintaining your pet's dental health. That is why we are committed to delivering the best care we can at the most affordable rates possible.

Dental Heath Clinic Pricing:

During your pets exam, the veterinarian will do a visual oral exam.  At that time, they will stage your pets teeth and discuss dental treatments your pet needs. 

Stage 1 & 2 dental cleanings have Flat Fee Pricing.  Healthy Pets, no matter their weight are charged a flat rate of:


Premier Pets Price After Yearly $100 Dental Credit


If your pet has health concerns such as age, heart disease, liver or kidney conditions the price may be more to meet the special anesthetic needs of your pet.

Stage 1 & 2 Cleanings Include:

Oral Exam

Standard Total Injectable Anesthesia

Dental Cleaning and Charting

Surgical Monitoring and Recovery Fees

Written Script for Antibiotics (As indicated)

Starter Dental Home Care Kit

Stage 1  
Stage 2

Stage 1

Stage @

Stage 3 & 4 Treatments

Stage 3 & 4 dental cases have more significant health concerns that are individual to each pet, so an exam will be need one our veterinarians to develope a treatment plan prior to making an appointment for your pets dental treatment.  At this Level of disease there will be a significant number of teeth that will need to be extracted.  The damaged soft tissue and bone structures of the tooth will not come back, and saving the teeth will take diligent daily home care and extensive, as well as expensive, oral surgery.  Failure to extract these teeth will lead to the quick return of the dental disease.   Home care and early professional intervention is needed to keep the teeth healthy, as this point the damage is often to far to practically save any effected teeth.   Treatment will help restore the remaining good teeth to health and remove any infection and pain the pet is having.   

Stage 3      Stage 4


Common Tooth Fractures

Fractures of the upper carnassial tooth are the most common reason for us to recommend a surgical extraction of a tooth.  There are additional fees associated with surgical extractions due to the greater difficulty and tools required to remove these teeth.  Early intervention by extraction is generally recommended to reduce the pain and the increase risk of developing an abscess tooth that are associated with fractured teeth.  Alternative treatment to extraction is referral to a veterinary dentist for root canal and reconstruction of the tooth.

Slab Fracture of Carnassial Tooth

Fractured Crown of Carnassial Tooth

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