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Low Cost Spay & Neuter

Our low-cost spay/neuter program is provided as a service to the community to help alleviate the pet overpopulation problem, and to be sure all pet owners have an affordable spay and neuter option. These procedures are part of our Premier Pet Wellness Program and are priced to provide a significant value as compared to the cost of other practices. This page has been prepared to ensure participants understand how the program works and what is included so there are no misunderstandings.

Why choose Us over a Spay & Neuter Only Clinic?

We are a full service for-profit animal hospital.  Our hospital does not receive any grants or outside financing to perform these procedures at these low fees.  We use the same proven techniques used in other High Volume High Quality spay neuter programs around the nation.  Unlike non-profit spay neuter clinics we can provide a wider range of services that your pet may need at the same time at the spay or neuter procedures, and prepared to perform the procedures on cases that may involve a little more risk. Most importantly, our doctors will also be available for follow up care and in the event of a surgical complication.  Spay and Neuter clinics will typically refer you to another practice where you may have additional exam cost if complications occur. 

It's the best of both worlds.  The affordability of a non-profit spay and neuter clinic with the support of a full service veterinary hospital in the event of unexpected complications.


(At Owner’s Expense)

  • Vaccinations Must Be Current Or Updated At Time Of Admission For Surgery.

a) Dogs:  Rabies & Distemper / Parvo Virus

b) Cats:  Rabies & Feline Distemper / Respiratory Disease Complex.

  • Current Exam, (exam has been completed within last 12 months at out office), or updated at time of procedure 
  • Pets Must Be Free Of External Parasites(Fleas & Ticks) Or Treated At Time Of Admission.
  • A Surgical Treatment Plan & Release Form Must Be Completed & Signed By The Owner/Agent.



  • Pre-anesthetic Exam 
  • Anesthesia
  • Spay / neuter procedure itself & surgical supplies required
  • Pain medications to ensure pet is comfortable during, and after surgery
  • Surgical Supplies and Recovery Fees
  • Suture removal (If Required) in 10 days
  • Re-check exam fees are at no additional cost in the event of any complication from surgery. 
  • Fees do apply to any treatments that may be required, the purchase of e-collar or medications to properly mange any complications that may occur.


The basic quoted fee includes all of the above.  This minimal procedure package is offered to make spaying/neutering affordable for as many as possible.  Additionally, there are several optional services that as a full service animal hospital we can offer to you. By performing these services at the time of your pets surgery we can help avoid the need for more surgery in the future, or look for early evidence of medical problems such as hip dysplasia.  

There are many other options that can be done at reduced cost since no additional anesthesia would be required.  These services include dewclaw removal, extraction of “baby” teeth, hernia repair, ear flushing, wart & growth removal, Tail docking, and/or identification microchip implant.  Feel free to ask about any other service you may be interested in adding to your pets services at the time of spay or neuter as it can provide significant cost savings.  


To expedite surgical check in the day of your pets procedure please read and complete the forms below.  then either email them to us, or bring them with you the morning of surgery.  Having these forms completed will greatly reduce your pets check in time.  

Click here for Pre-Surgical forms for dogs

Click here for Pre-Surgical forms for cats


Return for suture removal (if required) in 10 days.  There is no charge unless sedation is required to remove the sutures.

Click here to View Discharge Instructions for Spays.

Click here to View Discharge Instructions for Neuters.


We make every effort to avoid complications, BUT surgery complications are ALWAYS a possibility with any procedure.  Complications might include infection, wound dehiscence (breakdown), or sutures chewed out by the pet.  THE OWNER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL CHARGES RESULTING FROM ANY COMPLICATION OF THE SURGICAL PROCEDURE.


A complete treatment plan and the associated cost will be provided at the time of admission for surgery. Pricing listed below is considered correct, but pricing is subject to change with out notice.

Pediatric Spay and Neuter

Premier VetCare has been a leader in our area in pediatric spay and neuter.  We highly encourage all puppies and kittens to be altered prior to 6 months of age.  The ideal time is at 4 to 5 months of age, but we are more than happy and our doctors trained to perform the procedure in pets of any age and size.  

We offer significant cost savings to pets altered prior to 6 months of age.  We offer a two rate schedules for pets under 2 years of age, between 3 and 6 months of age, and those between 7 and 23 months of age.  

To see how we will determine the age of your pet Click Here

Canine Spay 3-6 months : $125.00

Canine Neuter 3-6 months: $115.00

Feline Spay 3-6 months : $125.00

Feline Neuter 3-6 months: $110.00

Canine Spay 7-23 months : $145.00

Canine Neuter 7-23 months:$135.00

Feline Spay 7-23 months $125.00

Feline Neuter 7-23 months: $110.00

Pets enrolled in our Premier Pet Wellness Program receive a $40.00 Spay/Neuter Discount


Adult Spay and Neuter

For the adult pets (2-5 years of age) Pricing is determined by the weight of the pet. The additional cost reflect the additional time and materials to perform these procedures in older pets.  

Canine Spay     Feline Spay
0-20 lbs $185.00 Spay $140.00
21-40 lbs $205.00
41-60 lbs $225.00
60lbs & Up $275.00

Canine Neuter    Feline Neuter
0-20 lbs $170.50 Neuter $110.00
21-40 lbs $180.50

41-60 lbs $190.50
60 lbs & Up $210.50

Pets enrolled in our Premier Pet Wellness Program receive a $40.00 Spay/Neuter Discount

Senior Pet Spay and Neuter

Senior pets typically have more health concerns.  For that reason we recommend additional precautions when performing spay and neuter procedures on pets older than 5 years of age.  Your pets age should not be a concern though, pets of any age can be spayed and neutered. It's always better late than never. 

Our recommended additional services include:

  1. Pre-surgical Blood Screening (fees apply): Older pets are more likely to have compromised organ function.  For that reason we recommend a blood panel be performed to check the health of the internal organs such as the liver and kidney.  This test will also screen for disease such as Cushing's disease, and diabetes. 
  2. IV Catherter Placement (fees apply): Because of their slight increase risk under anesthesia we recommend placement of a IV catheter during the procedure. 
  3. Senior Pre-medications and Anesthesia (fees apply): We have several anesthetic protocols we use on a regular basis. Again because of their age we recommend the use of a special protocol for senior pets.  
  4. There is an additional $45 fee added to the spay and neuter cost for pets over 5 years old.  This fee offsets the additional time, and supplies needed to safely spay older pets.  

We highly recommend that a physical exam (fees apply) be performed prior to scheduling your senior pet for surgery. During that exam the doctor will talk with you about any found health concerns and provide you with a full treatment plan and cost for your pets surgery.  

NOTE:  Despite our best efforts, occasionally a pet will open the incisions or infect the incisions.  This is nearly always due to excessive licking, chewing, or jumping.  Surgical complications are ALWAYS POSSIBLE with any procedure.  Please return your pet anytime you are concerned about complications.  Post-op rechecks are performed at no charge, but the client is responsible for any and all drugs and materials needed to treat the pet as a result of any complications occurring after surgery.

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