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Nail Trim Policy

Since 2004 Premier VetCare has been committed to providing the highest quality service for the pets of our community. That commitment has seen our practice become the Premier Veterinary Facility in our market. Taking into consideration the feedback from our valued clients, the well-being of the pets, and the challenges posed by changes in the veterinary field, we find the need to update our nail trim policy to better align with our commitment to efficient and low stress veterinary visits.  

The decision to update our nail trim policy is rooted in valuable client feedback regarding wait times, efforts to minimize stress for pets and owners, and the necessity to address challenges within the current veterinary environment. Our appointment times are carefully structured to accommodate the average duration required for these services. This adjustment in our nail trim services aims to enhance our ability to schedule appointments and manage staffing effectively. By doing so, we can strive to keep our fee structure for wellness, surgical, sick, and urgent care visits as reasonable as possible, ensuring we continue to provide affordable care to the majority of pet owners.

Offering nail trim services at the time of visits can impact our ability to maintain our schedule. Spending extra time at a veterinary practice is not enjoyable for most people. To improve the overall experience for both pets and clients, we have reassessed this common practice in veterinary medicine. When appointment staff are diverted to assist with nail trims, they cannot fully concentrate on conducting lab tests, dispensing medications, assisting with treatments, or ensuring prompt starts for the next appointments. 

Continuing to offer these services during wellness or sick visits would necessitate hiring additional staff, which is challenging amid the current labor shortage in veterinary medicine. Hiring more staff would also increase the cost of care delivery. This change enables us to optimize our existing staff, allowing them to focus on the services for which they are uniquely trained to provide.

Recognizing the importance of regular nail care for proper mobility, we strongly advise clients to attend to their pets' nail health every 2-4 weeks, depending on the surfaces they walk on. Overgrown nails can fracture or cause discomfort, altering the pet's gait and contributing to joint issues like arthritis.

Relying solely on veterinary visits for nail trims once or twice a year is inadequate to maintain healthy nail length and can significantly increase stress and anxiety during the visit. Nail trim services are not typically considered medical or surgical procedures. Since our establishment in 2004, we have prioritized medical and surgical services to deliver the best and most affordable care possible. This change allows us to realign with our founding principles.

In addition to training your pet for at-home care, there are numerous service providers available to help maintain your pet's nail health, such as groomers or experienced professionals who can assist either at their location or in the comfort of your home. 

Policy Details:

Effective March 2024, nail trim services will no longer be offered at the time of, or on the same day as, any wellness, urgent care, emergency, or sick visits. However, they will still be available for sedated or surgical services, as deemed appropriate. This change aims to reduce stress and anxiety for pets during thier visits, particularly for those who may be feeling unwell or in pain.

All nail trim services are now by appointment only with our assistant team. Walk-in nail trim services are not provided. 

A nail trim may be scheduled with a Recheck Visit to follow up on a recent exam. 

Nail trim services are only provided to pets with an active Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR), meaning they have been examined by one of our doctors within the last 12 months.

As per our standard policies, all pets we provide services to must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccination. If we did not provide the vaccination ourselves, we must have proof of vaccination on file.

Premier Pets that are polite will continue to receive free Routine Nail Trims, but these will be scheduled separately outside of wellness or sick visits. Appointments can be easily scheduled through our online scheduling portal.

Levels of Service and Fees:

For any pet to receive a nail trim, they must be cooperative and allow us to perform the trim with minimal restraint and effort. Unfortunately, the most common reason for injury to our staff is due to uncooperative pets while attempting Nail Trims. Therefore, our team reserves the discretion to stop the nail trim at any time if the pet is uncooperative. 

Premeir Pet Routine Nail Trim:  For "Polite Pets" that allow no more than two team members to trim the nails without resistance. ( Free for Premier Pets  )

Routine Nail Trim: For "Polite Pets" that allow no more than two team members to trim the nails without resistance. ( $45  )

Medication Assisted Nail Trims :

If the pet does not allow staff to perform a Routine Nail Trim you will have the choice to try oral sedation medications and return at a later time for another try.  Cost of those medications and necessary exam will apply. As the medication prescribed are controlled medications in Tennesseee, the pet must have had an exam with in the last 6 Months to receive the medication.  

Our goal is that oral sedation will reduce your pets anxiety for nail trims and allow you to perform this regular needed care in the comfort of your own home. It may require some desensitization, but with a bit of training many pets will become tolerant of nail trims at home, with the aid of medication.

Low Stress Nail Trim:  If pets are not polite and cooperate with staff for a routine nail trim we are happy to provide oral medication to be given at home to try to alleviate their stress and anxiety of nail trims. Medication can help many pets accept a nail care, but the medications may not help all pets depending on their level of anxiety and learned fear of nail trims. The pet must allow one staff member to perform the nail trim. If the pet does not allow the nail trim with first line medication additional oral or injectable medications may be needed. 

For Premier Pets: Cost of any medications, no charge for Nail Trim.

For Non Premier Pets: Cost of any medication & $45 For Nail Trim fee.   (Click here to learn how your pet can be a Premier Pet)

Sedated Nail Trims:  For pets that do not respond to oral medications and are healthy, we offer nail trims after providing injectable sedation. This service includes a rotary tool nail grinding and requires drop-off. ($150 - $350 depending on sedation and assocated charges required )


All Nail Trim visits are by appointment only, and not combined with a any other type of Exam Appointment . Sedated Nail Trims must be dropped off before 9:00 am the day of their appointment.

Online Appointment Portal

We understand that this change may be disappointing to some clients, but we believe it will contribute to a more positive experience for both pets and owners seeking medical and surgical care. Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in Premier VetCare.

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