Urgent Care & Walk-Ins

Urgent Care & Walk-In Services

Here are Premier VetCare we understand your pet’s medical needs may not always fit with our available appointments for a day. Often problems occur quickly with little to no warning and the sooner it is addresses the better it is for the pet.  So, with that understanding, we do accept Urgent Care and Walk-Ins.  Walk-In visits are seen as we have time available in between our scheduled appointments.  Your wait may be minimal or several hours, but we will see your pet.   In some cases, a few hours wait is better than several days or weeks wait for an appointment time.  Keep in mind we will not intentionally leave you waiting we are a busy practice and see over a hundred pets a day.  Each case has it's own needs for testing and discussion with owners.  This means we are not always able to tell you how long your wait may be, but we will do our best to keep you informed.  We will also do our best to squeeze your pet in as soon as we can. 

Call Ahead Urgent Care and Walk-Ins

If you called today, and there where no available appointments, and we may have asked you for a time we can expect you or gave you a time to arrive that is less busy. That time is not an appointment time.  That is the time we have added you to our Walk-In list.  Often this is a time we have determined may possibly reduce your wait time.  This time takes into consideration our current Walk-In List wait time, Appointments, and when you tell us is best arrival time for you.  Once you arrive and check-in your call ahead visit is treated with priority to those that did not call ahead.

Order Visits are Seen

We see visits in this general order.  True Emergencies, Appointments, Call Ahead Walk-ins and Urgent Care Walk-ins,  Non-Urgent / Wellness Walk-ins that did not call ahead.  Premier Pets also get additional priority in their respective visit types.

Our staff also triage the visits.  Some walk-in visits do not take as long  or require more urgent attention, so to accommodate and move visits faster, some walk-ins will be given priority as deemed appropriate by our staff.  Your understanding is appreciated.  Our efforts are meant to server as many of our clients as we can in a timely manner.  To facilitate this some walk-ins that do not require the use of an exam room, may be more urgent, or require surgical intervention, will be seen in our treatment area to accommodate as many pets seeking care as possible in a more timely fashion. 

Urgent Care and Walk-In Exam Fees


Our mission means we never want to turn a pet away in need of care, we recognize urgent care is necessary.  Accidents happen, unexpected health concerns pop up, and allergies or urinary tact infection can flair up overnight.  These issues are as unpredictable for you, as they are for us, and impossible to develop appointment scheduling that can accommodate that level of unpredictability.  Our appointment schedule accommodates a fair number of same day appointments but those typically fill up quickly every day.  By accepting walk-ins, it often causes disruptions to our appointment schedule, inconveniences our clients with appointments, and creates additional staffing needs.  To cover those additional cost there is a higher Exam / Consultation Fee of $65.00. 

There is no discounted exam fee for Wellness Walk-Ins, the $65.00 exam/consult fees applies.  

We Appreciate Your Understanding!

Our founder, Dr Mike Hatcher, built this practice on the single principle of serving the pets in need.  Our goal is to ensure all pets get the care they need, but as the largest locally owned, animal hospital and surgical center our services are in high demand.  We try to reduce wait times as best we can through our appointment schedule, but as already mentioned, our days are constantly unpredictable. 

Our practice is unlike many, in that we are a Wellness Facility, a Primary Care Facility, an Urgent Care Facility, Surgical Center, and a Day Time Emergency Facility.   So, unexpected wait times can occur at any given moment as a true medical emergency can run through our doors at any given time.  Rest assured we are making every attempt to serve your pet’s needs as quickly as we can. 


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Additional Fees Apply to Walk-In Visits

When bringing your pets into our office, for their and the safety of other pets, please either have your pet leashed or in a pet carrier. Please ask our staff at check in for a leash if needed.

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