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Smyrna Animal Clinic Is 

Now Part of the 

Premier VetCare Family

In April of 2013 we learned that Dr. John Key, the owner of Smyrna Animal Clinic, had passed on following complications from surgery.  Premier VetCare has had a close relationship with SAC since we opened in 2004.  Dr. Key provided encouragement and often came by to visit us on the Monday’s his office was closed.  Since opening, we have assisted SAC with many of their more complicated cases, and were more than happy to help and share clients with them.   

The Key family came to a difficult decision that Smyrna Animal Clinic would close its doors as of April 30, 2013.  We made plans to take over the records for the clinic, and provide follow-up care for their clients.  

We are proud to assist in the responsibility of providing continuation of care for pets that were cared for at Smyrna Animal Clinic.  You will find that Smyrna's newest state-of-the-art facility holds within it the same type of compassionate pet lovers that you came to be accustomed to with Dr. Key and his staff.   

Additionally, you will find many differences between the clinics.  We are proud, and humbled that Dr. Key and his family recognized our commitment to providing the most affordable quality care available to the pet owners of Rutherford County.  They have entrusted us with the task of offering the same quality and affordable care we have been providing to the area since September of 2004 to their clients and the pets they have loved for so long.  We are committed as a group of doctors and staff to live up to those expectations.  

Please feel free to tour our website and get to know us. Then, come in and meet our team of caring professionals before your pet may need care.  We understand this period of transition will be difficult with many hard decions to be made by pet owners.  Premier VetCare is committed to making the process as smooth as possible for all parties involved.  Below, we have addressed several of the most common questions in regard to this transition.  Please feel free to e-mail us with any other questions you may have.       

Records Request:  

If you have elected another practice to provide continuation of care for your pet, you can request copies of records to be e-mailed to you, or the practice of your choosing.  All records will be scanned and stored electronically so they will be available for email.  A mailing fee will apply for records that are to be mailed; however, you may pick them up in person at our office during regular business hours.  Since management of Dr. Key's records is an additional task, with many unknowns, please follow the below instructions to request your pets records.  We ask you for your patience during this process, as we will do our best to learn and manage the records kept by Smyrna Animal Clinic, and accommodate any request for records within 48 hours that are made on a week day.  Weekend requests will be processed as if they were received on Monday. 

Steps to request your pet’s records:

  1. Follow the link at the top right side of the web page, or Click Here to email our office.
  2. In the e-mail provide us your first and last name, your pets name, your phone number or address on file with SAC, and if possible, the last time your pet was seen at their office.
  3. Once we receive the request, our staff will respond to let you know we have received your request.  We will then email you a scanned image of all the records we have on file within 48 hours.  
  4. If you receive an email requesting more information, we may need that information to confirm we have the correct records to return to you.  
  5. You may call the clinic to request records, but you will be asked to complete the above procedures to provide a record trail for the release of the medical records from our facility. 

‚ÄčIf you are requesting records to be sent to a practice, please do so a minimum of 48 hours prior to your pets visit so that we can be sure to get those records to them before your appointment.

Medication Refills:

We will honor any examinations and testing performed for your pet by Smyrna Animal Clinic as if it was performed at our office, by one of our doctors.  This means a current exam should be documented in your pet’s medical records as having been performed in the past 12 month timeframe. (**NOTE:  Depending on the type of medication your pet receives, some exams will need to be as current as 6 months—please see the Prescription Policy below for further details).  Please keep in mind our policy for medication refills may be different from that in which you are accustomed.  They are considered standards of care within the veterinary profession in order to provide safe and effective use of some chronic medications.  

Please retain any bottles of chronic medications that you have for your pet.  We will want to verify the instructions on the bottle are consistent with the instructions in the record to ensure the accuracy and completeness of records.   This will also serve as a backup to any records that may be incomplete.  

You may request refills by phone, or by e-mail.  If filling medications with our office or requesting written prescriptions, we will need you to complete a new client form (Click Here For New Client Form) for our records.  

Click here for our Prescription Policy

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Regular Business Hours are M-F 7:30 till 5:30 pm. After 5:30 pm there is an additional $15.00 Convenience Fee added to exam fees.

Appointments Preferred. Pets are seen in following order:
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When bringing your pets into our office, for their and the safety of other pets, please either have your pet leashed or in a pet carrier. Please ask our staff at check in for a leash if needed.

For aggressive pets Click Here for more information.  


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